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The manufacture of wind instruments in the musical region Kraslice-Klingenthal-Markneukirchen has been famous around the world, and its roots date back to the 17th century. Hand-craftsmanship has been a strong foundation of this splendid and unique tradition over the last centuries. Consequently, the creation of wood wind instruments in this area contracted back to the master workshops that are still anchored to the old traditions of craftsmanship.

One of those places is our RZ/Thore master workshop/manufacture, established in the year 2000 in Kraslice, located in the western part of Bohemia. From the very beginning the services was focused primarily for specializing in repairs, individual adjustment and later for the production of clarinets, oboes and bassoons. The high quality of work carried out over many years contributed to our entering into cooperation with renowned German woodwind producers and makers.The workshop has been regularly visited by the international-renowned musicians who offered their assistance with the developing work. A new partnership emerged, and concentrated work began on the preparation of a new inovative concepts of the woodwind instruments production. We were able to arrange the reliable delivery of high quality naturely matured grenadila, cocobolo and mountain maple wood, and, after several years of development, filled with many prototypes, thorough testing, and fine adjustment, a new range of student and professional models of oboes and bassoons.


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